Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst B-167 Booster Mirage Fafnir.Nt 2S

Takara Tomy

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Product Description:

Mirage Fafnir Nothing 2S is a Stamina Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the Superking Layer System. 

Time to bring the Fafnir generation to the next level! This spin stealing master, Mirage Fafnir has some new awesome upgrades.

The Layer - The layer, Mirage Fafnir, has rubber all over the perimeter. Because of this you almost can't yourself but to let it rip and give it a precious spin. Though this Fafnir's ring has rubber placed generously around the layer, it might not spin-steal so well because of its relatively heavy weight. In order for a Beyblade to spin-steal pretty descent, it needs to be light weight and not so heavy. With its weight produced from the chassis, Mirage isn't able to complete the full spin-stealing affect.

The Chassis - This 3 Stamina (S) chassis is able to assist Mirage Fafnir with its stamina and attack power. There are two modes to this Chassis, one being "Absorb" and the other "Counter". The two modes present some advantages and disadvantages. When battling against right-rotation beys, it's very important to use Absorb mode to suck up their spin power. The three points on the chassis will not be showing, exposing the rubber, for much more spin stealing. On the other hand, when facing Left-rotation Beyblades, it's equally important to use Counter mode because you can not spin steal from those type of beys. In counter mode, Fafnir will spread its wings with three more attacking points (along with the ones on the layer) displayed for some serious power.

The Tip - Mirage Fafnir's tip, Nothing, is one of a kind. When launched in the stadium, you will notice how quiet the tip is, it is almost completely silent. This happens because there is a piece attached to it that retracts into the tip itself to reduce the noise when it hits the stadium after it's been spun. Essentially what happens is that when the tip hits the stadium, the piece retracts absorbing the impact and eliminating the noise that would have been made had the tip not been there. When Fafnir is in the stadium, there is a peaceful and graceful way in the way it spins and moves, it almost feels like it has an infinite amount of stamina.

With such crazy power and clever tactic, Fafnir is able to perform a series of slow bursts against right spinning beys and counters against left spinning beys. You will be blown away by how much speed it will still have at the end of a battle. Mirage Fafnir is one Beyblade that can handle both beys left and right, so have an awesome day and LET IT RIP!



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