Takara tomy Beyblade burst B168 Rage Longinus Ds' 3A


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Product Description:

Rage Longinus is ready to bite! Rage is an Attack Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the Superking Layer System.

The Layer - Rage Longinus has massive metal dragons on its layer. During battle, these bad boys pack a punch knocking their opponents out of the arena or even being able to burst them. Not only does Rage Longinus have dragons, but also the upper parts on the bey which are its strongest contact points. When they come in contact with the opponent it sends them flying with massive power. One attack with these hard parts will only cause havoc.

The Chasis - The 3 Attack chassis does nothing but increase the power level of Rage Longinus. When Rage is fully assembled, there are two jagged pieces that stick out, they give it the ability to launch not only an upper attack, but also a double strike. Because of the two pieces on the chassis located right in front of the metal dragons, Rage can strike any opponent during battle with the jagged part of 3 A, then followed by the metal dragon on the layer for extra attacking power.

The Tip - Rage Longinus tip is called Destroy Dash. It is very unique in that it has a free-spinning ring around it allowing the bey to perform drifting movements and attack from each and every direction. Not only that, it has top-notch speed which is a winning combination with this Beyblade's incredible power. In battle, you will see that the tip helps the bey to go all over the stadium with a ton of pace.


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