Beyblade Safety - Parents and Bladers Beware!!-Four tips to help in your Beyblade shopping

Posted by Tina Mathieu on

As a parent, it’s important for me to know that the toys I buy are free from harmful chemicals.  In a news report by the StarTribune, some non-brand Beyblade toys were tested in the laboratory and as much as 35% of them tested positive for unsafe levels of lead and Cadmium.  This is viewed as a wake-up call for everyone to be watchful where we purchase these toys from.  

 I love that my boys and girls play with Beyblades.  They are a retro-toy of the 80’s that has gained and continues to gain an incredible amount of following.  I appreciate the fact that this activity helps to cut down the amount of time kids spend on their electronic devices (i.e., video games, cell phones, tablets, etc.), and they actually learn some of the laws of physics and mechanics while their spinner toys battle it out in the arena.  

As much fun as these toys can bring to your family and mine, we also need to be aware of the dangers they pose.  Buyers must be aware that there are many non-brand Beyblades that can pose a serious health threats to kids who play with them.  As noted in the StarTribune, non-brand Beyblades were found to contain toxic levels of the 2 heavy metals mentioned earlier.  These hazardous chemicals can cause serious and irreversible health impairments to children.  Some of the health consequences are, but not limited to, higher risk of cancer, kidney damage, neurological deficits, bone damage, and unfortunately the list goes on.  It is more important than ever before, given these health risks, that parents be more vigilant and buy from a trusted source.  On this blog, I have listed four Beyblade shopping tips that will significantly cut down the risk of buying non-brand, hazardous Beyblades.   

 Here are my top four safety tips when shopping for Beyblades: 

 1) My shopping motto is if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  If a Beyblade price is too cheap, it’s probably a fake.  If you are getting a pack of 5 Beyblades for $5.28, guess what, you are probably paying for a non-branded, fake Beyblade.

2) Avoid shopping from big e-commerce online stores with multiple sellers.  Although these sites try to vet their sellers, it is impossible for them to thoroughly vet each one.  And you the customer run the risk of buying a non-branded, low quality and toxic Beyblade.  

3) Shop from small reputable online stores, like the one you are on now right now that pledges for authenticity in its products, and you can easily reach its customer service team if you have any questions.   

4) Shop from a brick and mortar toy store.  The only downside is you do have to get dressed up somewhat, and you cannot shop in the comfort of your own home.  Also, these stores tend to get sold out pretty quickly so you may not get what you are looking for.               

 My tips are definitely not bullet proof, but they will significantly reduce your chances of buying an unsafe non-brand Beyblade.

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