About Us

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide quality and safe products for you and your family.  We take our time to vet all of our distributors before we list them to sell.  Our distributors provide us with quality name branded toys and tees.  We only provide products that we will give to our own family.  If it doesn't meet our family's standard, we will not list it.  Our Beyblades are from our trusted distributors.  We only sell branded Beyblades that have higher performance in the stadium and have passed rigorous safety testing.  Non-branded Beyblades are known to have higher rate of hazardous amount of lead and other harmful chemicals (Read Blog). Due to this reason, we will not list any non-branded Beyblades.    

Our tees - are creatively designed and handmade.  They definitely get the Beyblade fun started!  Your little one will not want to play Beyblades until they wear their fun tee.  You will feel and see the quality of our tees.  Your Blader will love their unique new look and you will love the multiple wears they will get out of it.  All of our tees are handmade screen printed or digitally printed from local vendors in the U.S.           

Our Founder:

Tina is a mother of four kids, a wife and a daughter.  She started Lobalol in the fall of 2019 because she wanted quality toys and unique apparel for her kids.  As a mother of four, she knows about giving of her self.  Customers care is very important to her.  She treats her customers with the utmost respect and provide them with the best quality products.  All of her tees are creatively designed and handmade by her family and trusted vendors.  You can reach her by email: info@Lobalol.com if you have any questions.  We welcome your constructive but respectful feedback.        

Our Values:

If we can't sell it to our family, we will not sell it to yours.  This value guides us in all of our product choices.  You can rest assure that when you visit our website, we will not bombard you with thousands of non-brand inventory that are from unverified sources.  We believe in quality over quantity.  We hope you enjoy your shopping experience on Lobalol.