Beyblade Burst Riptide Blast Set


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  • Dive in because the sharks are about to bite. Be ready for the Beyblade Burst Riptide Blast Set.
  • Go head into a battle starting with the Emperor Forneus layer. It is a great defense type Bey that can perform to the highest of abilities.
  • Moving on to the shark bite, the TD11-5 performance tip. Be prepared to head into battle two ways as you can vary the tip in both battle ring and Sling Shock mode. While Forneus is in its Sling Shock mode it will move around the stadium at an unbelievable rate delivering crucial hits.
  • Transform Forneus into battle ring mode and expect it to stand its ground in the center taking those hits.
  • Next is the shark launcher that just screams awesomeness and capability. Unlike your ordinary launcher, this one can track your speed and progress on how hard you let it rip. Amp up your game by striving to launch better and better every time you battle.
Product Stats


     Energy Layer Forge Disc Performance Tip
    Forneus F4 D44  TD11-S


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