Beyblade Burst Rise Air Knight


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Product Description:

  • Fly into battle with everlasting spin! Are you ready to harness the magical power of Air Knight K5?
  • Take your opponents by surprise starting with the Air Knight layer! With balance on each and every side, expect to leave your foe in the dust!
  • Upgrade your blading game with the forge disc, 8/D59! This can raise your defense and stamina abilities by providing equal weight on both sides. 
  • Rise up and take to the sky with the driver, TH02! In battles, it can go for some massive blows while giving it the eternal stamina it needs to win Beyblade battles!
  • Overall, Air knight is such a winning Beyblade, substantial stamina, desirable defense, and even amazing attacks 
Product Stats
     Attack Defense Endurance Weight Agility Burst
    4 4 10 3 4 1


     Run Time Drop-In Frequency 
    3 3


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