BEYBLADE Burst Rise Hypersphere Dual Pack Lord Spryzen S5 and Roktavor R5


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Product Description:

  • This two pack Hypersphere Dual Beyblade set gives you the best of both worlds.  There is the king of stamina types: Roktavor R5, and the king of balance types: Spryzen S5.
  • One cool feature about Spryzen is that it can switch rotation by taking out the GT chip  and turning its blue centerpiece!
  • One cool feature about Roktavor is that it has two thick wings on its sides to mimic its avatar in the anime!
  • These two Beyblades have hypersphere tips that let them smoothly ride around any hypersphere stadium! (whoa! That was a lot of hyperspheres.)

 Product Stats:

Lord Spryzen: 

 Energy Layer Forge Disc Performance Tip
Lord Spryzen S5 D69 TH21


Roktavor R5:

 Energy Layer Forge Disc Performance Tip
Roktavor R5 D07 TH14


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